Realtà o finzione: le 15 meraviglie del Mondo

Fact or fiction – In a spectacular sequence, images, often contrived, that the mainstream uses to “sell” the wonders of the world

The human mind likes to create and imagine how things will go, or how we would like them to go; reality, whatever it is, whether it’s an upcoming event, a discussion, a confession or anything, at whatever level of importance, is always preceded by this imagined reality while we are in bed, in the car or in the shower.

The harder you try to figure out how it works and we are surprised the creative potential of the mind that has the ability to mix different reality, as discussed experiences, hopes, known characters and anything else with each other to create a version of something that is not even happened yet. A version that, in some cases, is so compelling and cinematic to be able to arouse in us emotions and expectations of how things should go not yet happened or that will never come true.

A great influence on the expectations that we develop and our ability to create the reality that surrounds us, is given by the media and the culture they, through propaganda and persuasion, instill in us. The main instrument through which takes place this process of influence is advertising, through which they are sold really unattainable us that are falsely promoted to make us buy a product, a service or … a vacation package.

Recently I came across a series of photos on the site BrightSide that perfectly illustrate the mechanism just discussed. In this series of images we are shown the atmosphere created ad hoc by the media to entice them to go and visit some of the wonders of the world, and then there is the reality presented.
In this article we have decided to only bring back some of the wonderful image, to view the entire collection please visit the site  BrightSide .

The Copacabana beach


Copacabana Reality

The Louvre

Louvre Reality

The Chinese Wall

Chinese wall
Reality Wall of China

The little MermaidThe little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Reality


Stonehenge Reality

The canals of Venice

Venice Reality

Nico Forconi

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