UA175: the craziest plane in the world

UA175 – The plane with a wingspan of 47.5 meters that flew to 950 Km/h, 300 meters from the Earth, with a headwind, making a turn of about 25 degrees before impact in a steel building coming completely absorbed

A few minutes after the attacks, starts a rumor that the TV images of live, not only are in “delay of ten seconds, for a margin of safety”, it seems they are also collected through a single direction, “it seems that the images were originated by Fox and then were shot on CNN, so that everyone would receive the same images” [1].

The TV channel “Fox News Channel”, belonging to a series of network of proprietary Rupert Murdoch, tycoon who has close ties to the Republican Party and strong interest in the field of military industry, is also the first TV to give for winner George Walker Bush in the elections of 2000, despite several independent surveys, at a later date, have shown that Al Gore got more votes; it is equally important to know that the issuer, that evening, sees in John Ellis Bush, a cousin of the future President of the United States, the man directing the operations of “scrutiny” and “exit pol” [2], and “Fox News Channel “is the channel that will win, a little later, the exclusive on the war in Afghanistan [3], exclusive underlined by Donald Rumsfeld himself, in the office of Minister of Defense of the United States of America.

Before you watch the following video, remember that the second law of motion states that when a body is subjected to a force, varying his speed and, consequently, also changes its momentum.
The momentum remains constant over time only in the case in which a body is subjected to a zero resultant forces, as in the case of the “free fall” of WTC7.

According to Webster Griffin Tarpley, “the myth of September 11 is […] the instrument to legitimize racist tendencies, militarist and fascist of our time” ; It is politicians like puppets in the hands of an elite of power that, at the time of the attacks, appears split between a faction of neocon extremists, which gravitates around George Shultz and Rupert Murdoch, and a fringe of imperialist Malthusian. The billionaire investor Warren Buffet, member of faction of neocon which refers to George Shultz and Rupert Murdoch, is the September 11, 2001, at the base of Offutt, Nebraska, headquarters of the US Strategic Command, with other “important business” to take control of the Government of the Member States if Bush and Dick Cheney had fallen along the way, the same way Yanaev, Pugo, Yazov, Pavlov and the rest of the “Committee of the nine” ( “State Committee for Emergency”“GKCh.P.” ) they had tried to oust Gorbachev in the coup of August 1991 State [4].

Looking for yourself images of live TV that day, then he broadcast by networks around the world and remember to whom they belong:

– CNN (Turner – Warner Channel)
– ABC News (Walt Disney Company)
– CBS (Viacom)
– FOX (News Corp. – Rupert Murdoch)
– NBC (General Electric – Vivendi)

Notes and Sources:
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Nico Forconi

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